About Blake

Blake has been in the financial services industry since 2015 and is passionate about teaching wealth creation strategies to entrepreneurial-minded clients who desire more clarity and control.
He earned his undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship from Grove City College (PA). It was while in college where he first was exposed to families and business owners who were actively using Privatized Banking strategies to finance many of their entrepreneurial ventures.
He started implementing these wealth creation strategies in both his personal and business life in 2016 and has had the privilege of connecting with like-minded clients who are looking for a better way to build and protect wealth since. He places a significant emphasis on both the education of the strategies Brogan Wealth teaches as well as the philosophy behind them.
Before founding Brogan Wealth Strategies, Blake worked overseas with the Cru organization and in the Pacific Northwest with Logos Bible Software.
Born and raised in East Lansing Michigan, Blake currently makes East Lansing home with his wife Elizabeth, and two boys. In his free time, he loves playing golf and enjoys Spartan athletics.
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