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In order to make an investment, dollars must first flow from some savings vehicle. The Family Bank is the ultimate place from which to save and deploy your wealth. You can enhance your savings by replacing your typical bank accounts with these specially designed insurance policies.

One often overlooked financial principle is the fact that everything you buy is financed. You will either pay interest when formally financing or you will lose the potential interest your money could have earned when you pay cash. Interrupting the compounding of your wealth always comes with opportunity cost. The power of Family Banking is your money continues to grow even as you use it.

Many people have the desire to pay cash for as many things as possible, yet rarely stop to calculate the financial impact of liquidating your wealth. When you pay cash, you lose all the interest you could have earned on that money. What if there was a better way to purchase things that actually puts more money back in your pocket?

Banks make great profits from the interest they charge. Have you ever considered how much money they make on your deposits? Banking is an extremely profitable business and in this video we show you how to develop your own banking system to recapture the interest typically paid to banks while make profits on our deposits.

There are many financial tools available to us. Why is it that dividend paying whole life insurance contracts are the best tool to “bank” with? In this video we look at how commercial banks and mutual insurance companies operate in an extremely similar manner – with one major difference – and that is who receives the profits.

In this tutorial we break down the different ways in which you can structure a life insurance policy. When designing our policies with the goal of creating a Family Bank the focus should not be on the death benefit but rather on building the living benefits so we can begin using our cash values today.

The way in which we design and fund our policies for "banking" is significantly different than how a typical whole life insurance policy is built. In this video we look at a fairly basic way in which we can overfund a policy to enhance our early access to cash value and build long term growth.

The way in which we deploy dollars from our Family Bank is through collateralization. This process allows our money to continue to compound even as we use the money. In this tutorial we break down how collateralization allows us to earn interest on our money in two places at the same time.

In this final video we take a look at an example of how costly paying cash can be over a lifetime and how Family Banking teaches you how to make money in a brand new way.

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