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Where Do You Keep Your
Money In Between Deals?

Why We Exist

to empower entrepreneurially-minded individuals with proven strategies to control their wealth

What We Do

teach strategies that turbocharge the opportunity fund that investors use to fund deals
What is Privatized Banking All About?
Privatized Banking at its foundation is a strategy which uses specially designed life insurance contracts to enhance the wealth building activities that you are already doing. Specifically, we use overfunded, dividend-paying whole life insurance policies issued by mutually-owned insurance companies. These policies act as a safe and predictable, turbo charged, tax-free opportunity fund for alternative investing. Most powerfully, it allows you to earn a return on the same money in two places at the same time.

Brogan Wealth Webinar

Learn how to optimize your alternative investing.



  • Policy Loans:┬áThe how and the why behind what makes this strategy so powerful
  • Policy Design: Learn how to structure a policy to maximize the benefit to your investing
  • Case Studies:┬áDissect the math in an alternative investor case study